Asia '94-'96 - Yunnan
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07-23 To Lijiang 07-24 Pig Heads 07-25 Naxi Women
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07-26 Naxi Women 07-27 Chicken Plucker 07-28 Chicken Plucker
07-26 Naxi Women.jpg 07-27 Chicken Plucker.jpg 07-28 Chicken Plucker.jpg

The town of Lijiang is predominantly Naxi, a matriarchal ethnic minority.
I was lucky to see the traditional architecture before the earthquake of
in 1996. Southward a few hours to Dali, one of China's budget traveler
havens, where western food and cheap accommodation abound. Situated on the
shore of Erhai Lake, it was a pleasant place to while away the better part of
a week. For some reason, I decided to embark on a marathon 2-1/2 day bus trip
directly to Xishuangbanna on the Burmese border. Strangely "un-Chinese",
the region has a distinctly Southeast Asian feel. North by sleeper bus to the
provincial capital of Kunming, a.k.a. "the Spring City" with a side trip
to the limestone oddities of the Stone Forest, I hopped the narrow gauge railway
to the Vietnamese border. A short walk across the international bridge, and I
Uncle Ho territory. 

The continuation of the trip will have to wait until I finish scanning the next
batch of photos.

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