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01-03 Flying Over Tibet 01-05 Lhasa Intl Airport 01-06 Barkor Market
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01-07 Jokhang Temple 01-08 Barkor Market 01-09 Barkor Circuit
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This trip actually begins in Taipei, Taiwan. After teaching English for
about 1.5 years and saving some dough, I headed for Tibet via Chengdu,
Sichuan. The flight onto the Tibetan Plateau gave some amazing views
and dropped me off at an altitude of 3,538 meters, gasping for breath.
I spent 4 days touring Lhasa suffering from headaches, sleepless nights,
and mild nausea. The sights and smells were amazing. I met a Belgian
named Dirk who had a plan to walk between two monasteries, but lacked
a tent and means of cooking. I had both, and we teamed up for a trek
from Ganden Monastery, about 2 hrs. east of Lhasa, to Samye Monastery,
situated in the Yarlung Valley SE of the Tibetan capital. I hitched
a ride back to Lhasa with some local truckers, and then headed north
by bus to Golmud, Qinghai.

Map of Tibet from the The Lonely Planet

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