Asia '94-'96 - Qinghai to Sichuan
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From Golmud in Qingghai province, I took a "hard sleeper" train ride to
Xining. This is "Hui" country, a muslim ethnic minority, and as a result
there was lots of tasty lamb to be had. From there, by bus to Labrang
Monastery, the largest Tibetan monastery outside of the current Tibetan
border. Continuing on to Songpan in northern Sichuan by hitching a ride
with a Singaporean tour group, I joined up with some Israelis, a Norwegian,
and a Dane for a horse trek. (This was my first travel experience with
Israelis, and I discovered just how noisy they can be ...) From there,
Norwegian and I escaped to Jiuzaigou National Park. The scenery was very
similar to western Canada. Nearby Huang Long had a Yellowstone feel. I
hitched another ride with some brewery workers on their employee holiday
who took me south to Chengdu. From there, a train to Panzihua and bus
connection Lijiang in northern Yunnan.

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