Jack's Asia Trip '94-'96
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Tibet Qinghai - Sichuan Yunnan
Tibet Qinghai to Sichuan Yunnan

From September of '94 until May of '96, I traveled through
Asia and Australia pretty much exclusively overland. I flew
from Taipei to Lhasa, traveled by bus to Golmud, Qinghai,
then by train to Xining, onward by bus through Labrang Monastery
in Gansu, Songpan and Jiuzaigou in northern Sichuan. Then I
hitched a ride with some brewery employees on their company
holiday to Chengdu, caught a train to Panzihua, and bussed
the final leg to Lijiang in northern Yunnan. From there southward
by bus to Dali, then a 2-1/2 day marathon to Xishuangbanna on
the Burmese border, then back north to Kunming. From there,
I caught the old narrow gauge train to the Vietnamese border
and crossed the bridge on foot.

Getting this far took 2 months. The remainder of the journey is to come.
(Could be a while ... I last updated this in April 2006.)

Map of China from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

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