Sicily 2012
Erice, Trapani, Segesta, Selinunte, Agrigento, Licata, Modica, Ragusa, Noto, Siracusa, Rome

Jack J. Chang
Copyright © 2012

  During the 2012 Chinese New Year break, Tina and I spent a week in Sicily as it's one the warmest parts of Europe in winter (or so we thought). We flew Qatar Aiways via Hong Kong and Doha to Rome, and landed in Palermo's Punta Raisi Airport to begin our 1-week tour of Sicily.

Starting in the northwest city of Trapani and hilltop town of Erice, we then headed south to the ancient Greek ruins of Segesta and Selinunte. We continued clockwise along the southern coast to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, and a slight detour to savour some 2 Michelin Star cuisine in Licata. Our last two days in Sicily were spent visiting the Baroque towns of Modica, Ragusa and Noto in the southeast, and the little island of Ortygia in Siracusa. Then finally, a flight from Catania back to the Italian mainland and quick afternoon of shopping in Rome before our flight home.

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Download KML file

001-Qatar-Air_4554 003-Coffee_4557 004-Sicily-View_4558 005-Citroën-C3_4206
001-Qatar-Air_4554.jpg 003-Coffee_4557.jpg 004-Sicily-View_4558.jpg 005-Citroën-C3_4206.jpg
006-Erice_4204 007-Erice_4208 008-Erice_4207 009-S-Giuliano_4559
006-Erice_4204.jpg 007-Erice_4208.jpg 008-Erice_4207.jpg 009-S-Giuliano_4559.jpg
010-Erice_4209 011-Erice_4210 012-Erice_4211 013-Erice_4212
010-Erice_4209.jpg 011-Erice_4210.jpg 012-Erice_4211.jpg 013-Erice_4212.jpg
014-Erice_4214 015-Erice_4216 016-Erice_4219 017-Castle_4224
014-Erice_4214.jpg 015-Erice_4216.jpg 016-Erice_4219.jpg 017-Castle_4224.jpg
020-Castle_4227 022-Castle_4229 023-Castle_4231 025-Trapani_4233
020-Castle_4227.jpg 022-Castle_4229.jpg 023-Castle_4231.jpg 025-Trapani_4233.jpg
026-Trapani_4235 027-Salt-Flats_4247 032-Castle_4241 033-Castle_4242
026-Trapani_4235.jpg 027-Salt-Flats_4247.jpg 032-Castle_4241.jpg 033-Castle_4242.jpg

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