New Zealand 2007
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Auckland/Northland South of Auckland
Auckland/Northland South of Auckland 

Over the Chinese New Year holidays of 2007, Tina and I took
the opportunity to visit my sister Margaret and her husband Adam
while they were living in Auckland, New Zealand. There wasn't
enough time to do the whole country, so we stuck to the North Island,
splitting our journey into two halves.

After spending a few days in the capital, we drove Marg's Nissan March
northwards in a more-or-less counterclockwise circuit of the Northland.
Then, after a quick pitstop back in Auckland, we headed south to tour the
rest of the N. Island.

Here's a map of our route through the Northland (except that Google Maps
doesn't seem to know about the car ferry between Okiato and Opua
south of point "D").

And here's a map of our route through the rest of the North Island, south of Auckland. (homepage)