Jack's Japan Trip 2002
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Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo Candid Shots Motegi All-Japan Road Race Umbrella Girls
Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo Candid Shots Motegi All-Japan Road Race Umbrella Girls

Photo essay of my trip to Japan in June of 2002.
I flew to Osaka and stayed in a capsule hotel and did
some shopping for motorcycle equipment (the bike shops in
Japan are GREAT!) and took a side trip to Kyoto which I'd visited
in 1989. It was during the World Cup that was co-hosted by Japan and
Korea and even though I'm not a footie fan, the excitement and
atmosphere was great. Kanako and her boyfriend (now fiancé) Tetsuo took
me to Osaka Dome to watch a live close-circuit broadcast of Japan's last match
(which was a bit of a downer because they were eliminated). But the whole city,
(and I think the whole country) was really into it.

Then I flew to Tokyo, landing in the old International Airport, rather
than Narita which is an hour by train out of the city. The bike shops
in Ueno's Motorcycle City weren't that great, but Tokyo was
a mindblower! I found a great guest house in Asakusa (the New Azuma)
and spent a few days exploring the city. Then I headed up to Utsunomiya
on my way to watch some motorcycle racing at Motegi Twin Ring. Unfortunately,
I had a little run-in with the local police for sleeping in the Japan Rail
building. In the end, they took pity on me and drove me to the race track.
It was a great trip to a fascinating country!

Map of Japan from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Satellite image of Osaka, Shopping map of Kyoto, Tokyo Toilet Map

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