Jack's Israel Trip 2002
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003 114-1493 Ben Gurion 003 122-2273_El Al 003 122-2275_Hassidim
003 114-1493 Ben Gurion.jpg 003 122-2273_El Al.jpg 003 122-2275_Hassidim.jpg
004 115-1505 Michal Cotton 005 115-1507 Cotton Blossom 013 115-1512 Carmel Flower
004 115-1505 Michal Cotton.jpg 005 115-1507 Cotton Blossom.jpg 013 115-1512 Carmel Flower.jpg

These are photos I took on a trip to Israel in November 2002 to my friends
Michal and Mendi. They treated me to a royal budget tour of their historically and
culturally rich nation. I left realizing how little I know about the situation there.
Security and military presence is pervasive, but it's not really as dangerous as one
might think. Ben Gurion Airport is probably the safest place to land or take off from
due to all the measures they take.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Middle East, go for it!

Map of Israel from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

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