Jack's Europe Trip 2002 - Southern France
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These are photos from my tour through south-eastern France on a
rented Honda CBR600FS. I picked up the bike in Geneva and headed
to Lyon (which is beautiful BTW). My route took me through Vichy,
Clermont-Ferrand (home of Michelin Tires), Grenoble, Chamonix (where
I met up with Heather), along the alps over le Cime de la Bonnete
(highest road in Europe), Nice, Toulon (near which I stayed with Jean-Luc,
Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence, Sisteron and then a straight shot on
the autoroute back to Geneva. France is my favourite country to ride in.
Drivers are competent, considerate and get out of your way IMMEDIATELY if
you're coming up on them. This is in contrast to the ignorant, INconsiderate
left-lane-hogging drivers we have in N. America. Vive la France!

Map of France from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
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