World Superbike 2002 - Brands Hatch
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001 109-0995_ForetBike 002 05-24 GSX-R1000 003 110-1001_GSX-R1000
001 109-0995_ForetBike.jpg 002 05-24 GSX-R1000.jpg 003 110-1001_GSX-R1000.jpg
004 110-1003_GSX-R1000 005 109-0996_EdwardsBike1 006 109-0997_EdwardsBike2
004 110-1003_GSX-R1000.jpg 005 109-0996_EdwardsBike1.jpg 006 109-0997_EdwardsBike2.jpg

These are photos I took at Brands Hatch in July 2002.
Trackside access is excellent as you can see from my pics.
There were over 100,000 crazy British racing fans on the Sunday.

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