Jack's Europe Trip 2002 - Barcelona, Spain
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000 18-27 Plaça de Catalunya2 001 17-13 Plaça de Catalunya1 003 16-33 Barri Gòtic4
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004 16-34 Barri Gòtic5 005 16-32 Barri Gòtic3 006 19-01 Barri Gòtic Bridge3
004 16-34 Barri Gòtic5.jpg 005 16-32 Barri Gòtic3.jpg 006 19-01 Barri Gòtic Bridge3.jpg

These are photos from my visit to Barcelona in the summer of 2002.
I toured the Barrio Gothic and Modernista architecture with Carson and
Irene whom I caught up with in Madrid. It was the 150th anniversary of
Antoni Gaudí's birth, so there was big push on his works.
The Casa Batlló is now open to the public after extensive restorations
and work continues on la Sagrada Família. I went again this summer for
the Gran Premi de Catalunya 2003 and you can go here for those photos.

Map of Spain from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection and Map of Barcelona
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